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TC59S6416BFTL10 from TOS, TOSHIBA 300pcs , QFP,1,048,576-words x 4BANKS x 16-BITS synchronous dynamic RAM
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TC59S6416BFTL10 TOS N/a 300
TOSHIBA TC5956416/08/04BFT/BFTL-80,-1O1,048,576-WORDSX4BANKSX16-BITS SYNCHRONOUS DYNAMIC RAM2,097,152-WORDSx4BANKSx8-BITS SYNCHRONOUS DYNAMIC RAM4,194,304-WORDSx4BANKSx4-BlTS SYNCHRONOUS DYNAMIC RAMTC59S6416BFT/BFTL is a CMOS synchronous dynamic random access memory organized as1,048,576-wordsM4 banksX 16 bits and TC59S6408BFT/BFTL is organized as 2,097,152 wordsX4banksX8 bits and the TC59S6404BFT/BFTL is organized as 4,194,304 wordsX4 banksX4 bits. Fullysynchronous operations are referenced to the positive edges of clock input and can transfer data up to125M words per second. These devices are controlled by commands setting. Each bank are kept activeso that DRAM core sense amplifiers can be used as a cache. The refresh functions, either AutoRefresh or Self Refresh are easy to use. By having a programmable Mode Register, the system canchoose the most suitable modes which will maximize its performance. These devices are ideal for mainmemory in

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