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TC551001CF70L from TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA 12184pcs , NA,TC551001CP55
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TC551001CF70L TOSHIBA N/a 12184
applications where high speed, low power and battery backup are required. The TC551001CP/CF/CFT/CTR/CST/CSR is available in a standard plastic 32-pin dual-in-line package (DIP), plastic 32-pin small-outline package (SOP) and normal and reverse pinout plastic 32-pin thin-sma11-out1ine package (TSOP).O Low-power dissipation 0 Access Times (maximum):Operating: 27.5 mW/MHz(typica1) 0 Single power supply voltage of 5 V i 10% "s'''"'''""'"""' TC551001CP/CF/CFT/CTR/CST/CSR -55, -55L -70, -70L -85, -85L . Power down

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