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NM27C128Q--150 from BSC, 70pcs , DIP , Alternate PN:NM27C128Q150, 131,072-Bit (16K x 8) High Performance CMOS EPROM
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NM27C128Q--150 BSC N/a 70
NM27C128Q--150 from NSC, National Semiconductor 60pcs , DIP , Alternate PN:NM27C128Q150, 131,072-Bit (16K x 8) High Performance CMOS EPROM
NM27C128 131,072-Bit (16K x 8) High Performance CMOS EPROM. . . . . . . . . July 1998NM27C128131,072-Bit (16K x 8) High Performance CMOS EPROMThe NM27C128 is one member of a high density EPROM FamilyFeaturesFairchild’s latest CMOS split gate EPROM technology whichn High performance CMOSenables it to operate at speeds as fast as 90 ns access time over— 90 ns access timethe full operating range.n Fast turn-off for microprocessor compatibilityThe NM27C128 provides microprocessor-based systems exten-n JEDEC standard pin configurationsive storage capacity for large portions of operating system and— 28-pin PDIP packageapplication software. Its 90 ns access time provides high speed— 32-pin chip carrieroperation with high-performance CPUs. The NM27C128 offers a— 28-pin CERDIP packagesingle chip solution for the code storage requirements of 100%firmware-based equipment. Frequently-used software routines n Drop-in replacement for 27C128 or 27128are quickly executed from EPROM storage, greatly enhancingn 40% faster programming time with Fairchild’s turbo algorithmsystem utility.The NM27C128 is configured in the standard EPROM pinoutwhich provides an easy upgrade path for systems which arecurrently using standard EPROMs.

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