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NM27C040N-120 from NS, National Semiconductor 11pcs , DIP32 , Alternate PN:NM27C040N120, 4,194,304 Bit (512K x 8) High Performance CMOS EPROM
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NM27C040N-120 NS N/a 11
FeaturesThe NM27C040 is a high performance, 4,194,304-bit Electrically n High performance CMOSProgrammable UV Erasable Read Only Memory. It is organized —120, 150ns access time*as 512K words of 8 bits each. Its pin-compatibility with byte-widen Simplified upgrade pathJEDEC EPROMs enables upgrades through 8 Mbit EPROMs.—V is a “Don’t Care” during normal read operationPPThe “Don’t Care” feature on V during read operations allowsPPn Manufacturer’s identification codememory expansions from 1M to 8 Mbits with no printed circuitn JEDEC standard pin configurationboard changes.—32-pin PDIPThe NM27C040 provides microprocessor-based systems exten-—32-pin PLCCsive storage capacity for large portions of operating system and—32-pin CERDIPapplication software. Its 120ns access time provides high speedoperation with high-performance CPUs. The NM27C040 offers asingle chip solution for the code storage requirements of 100%firmware-based equipment. Frequently used software routinesare quickly executed from EPROM storage, greatly enhancingsystem utility.The NM27C040 is manufactured using Fairchild’s advanced*Note: New revision meets 70ns. Please check with factory for availability.CMOS AMG™ EPROM technology.

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