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NE721S01-T1 from NEC, NEC 2000pcs , SOP4 , Alternate PN:NE721S01T1,GENERAL PURPOSE L TO X-BAND GaAs MESFET
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NE721S01-T1 NEC N/a 2000
FEATURES OUTLINE DIMENSIONS (Units in mm)• HIGH POWER GAIN:7 dB TYP at 12 GHzPACKAGE OUTLINE S01• HIGH OUTPUT POWER: 2.0 – 0.215 dBm TYP at 12 GHz•LG = 0.8 μm, WG = 330 μm 1–• LOW PHASE NOISE:-110 dBc/Hz TYP at 100 KHz offset at f = 12 GHz2• LOW COST PLASTIC PACKAGE–J4DESCRIPTION1. Source2. Drain3The NE721S01 is a low cost 0.8 μm recessed gate GaAs3. SourceMESFET, suitable for both amplifier and oscillator applica-4. Gate0.65 TYP.1.9 – 0.2tions. Larger gate geometry make this device ideal for secondPart Number1.6and third stages of low noise amplifiers operating in the 1-12Designator (Letter).0.125 – 0.05GHz frequency range. The NE721S01 is fabricated with anWhen the letter isepitaxial process resulting in excellent phase noise in oscilla-upright, the gate lead0.4 MAXis to the right.tor

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