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MJE800G ON from ON, ON Semiconductor 4000pcs , Original Sealed Package , Alternate PN:MJE800GON
Partno Mfg Dc Qty Available
MJE800G ON ON N/a 4000
MJE800 MOT 1000,Leaded Power Transistor Darlington
MJE800 31,Leaded Power Transistor Darlington
MJE800 M0T 1425,Leaded Power Transistor Darlington
MJE800G ON 30168
MJE800G ON ON 4000
MJE800G/MJE802G ON 2043
MJE800STU FAIRCHIL 33,MJE800/801/802/803MJE800/801/802/803Monolithic Construction With Built-in Base-Emitter Resistors High DC Current Gain : h = 750 (Min.) @ I = 1.5 and ..
MJE801 MOSPEC 61,Leaded Power Transistor Darlington
MJE802 ON 30169,ON SemiconductorPNPMJE700Plastic DarlingtonComplementary Silicon PowerMJE702TransistorsMJE703...designed for general–purpose amplifier and low–speed ..

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