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MC74HC4046AN from MOT, 223pcs , DIP16, Phase−Locked Loop
Partno Mfg Dc Qty Available
MC74HC4046AN MOT N/a 223
MC74HC4046AF MOT 675, Phase−Locked Loop
MC74HC4046AFEL ON 3480, Phase−Locked Loop
MC74HC4046AFELG ON 1111, Phase−Locked Loop
MC74HC4046AFR1 MOTO 1425,Phase-Locked-Loop
MC74HC4046AN MOT 223, Phase−Locked Loop
MC74HC4049 MOTO 247, Hex Buffers/Logic-Level Down Converters
MC74HC4049AFR2 MOT 1690
MC74HC4049DR2 MOT 3685
MC74HC4049FR2 MOTOROLA 10000

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