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MC74HC32ADT 50pcs , SOP,Quad 2-Input OR Gate
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MC74HC32ADT N/a 50
MAXIMUM RATINGS*ÎÎÎSymbol Parameter Value UnitThis device contains protectionÎÎÎÎÎÎcircuitry to guard against damageV DC Supply Voltage (Referenced to GND) – 0.5 to + 7.0 VCCdue to high static voltages or electricÎÎÎÎÎÎV DC Input Voltage (Referenced to GND) – 0.5 to V + 0.5 Vfields. However, precautions mustin CCÎÎÎÎÎÎbe taken to avoid applications of anyV DC Output Voltage (Referenced to GND) – 0.5 to V + 0.5 Vout CCvoltage higher than maximum ratedÎÎÎÎÎÎI DC Input Current, per Pin ± 20 mAvoltages to this high–impedance cir-inÎÎÎÎÎÎ cuit. For proper operation, V andinI DC Output Current, per Pin ± 25 mAoutV should be constrained to theoutÎrange GND * (V or V ) * V .I DC Supply Current, V and GND Pins ± 50 mAin out CCCC CCUnused inputs must always beÎP Power Dissipation in Still Air, Plastic or Ceramic DIP† 750 mWDtied to an appropriate logic voltageSOIC Package† 500Îlevel (e.g., either GND or V ).CCTSSOP Package† 450Unused outputs must be left open.ÎT Storage Temperature – 65 to + 150 * CstgÎÎÎT Lead Temperature, 1 mm from Case for 10 Seconds * CLÎÎÎÎÎPlastic DIP, SOIC or TSSOP Package260Ceramic DIPÎÎÎÎÎ300ÎÎÎ *

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