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MC74ACT11N from MOTO, Motorola 350pcs , DIP,Triple 3-Input AND Gate
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MC74ACT11N MOTO N/a 350
MC74ACT11N from MOT, Motorola 1752pcs , DIP,Triple 3-Input AND Gate
MAXIMUM RATINGS*Symbol Parameter Value UnitV DC Supply Voltage (Referenced to GND) –0.5 to +7.0 VCCV DC Input Voltage (Referenced to GND) –0.5 to V +0.5 Vin CCV DC Output Voltage (Referenced to GND) –0.5 to V +0.5 Vout CCI DC Input Current, per Pin ±20 mAinI DC Output Sink/Source Current, per Pin ±50 mAoutI DC V or GND Current per Output Pin ±50 mACC CCT Storage Temperature –65 to +150 °Cstg* ** * *TRIPLE 3-INPUTAND GATE• Outputs Source/Sink 24 mA• ′ACT11 Has TTL Compatible InputsVCC14 13 12 11 10 9 8N SUFFIXCASE 646-06PLASTIC1 2 3 4 5 6 7GNDD SUFFIXCASE 751A-03PLASTIC

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