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MC44130P from MOTO, Motorola 100pcs , DIP,System 4 Stereotone Single Chip TV Sound Control
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MC44130P MOTO N/a 100
FEATURES: ttN.28. Part of Motorola System 4. 1- Fully controlled through IIC Bus.q Accepts base band dual carrier signals or NICAM decoded signals orSECAM decoded signals.. "Pilot tone" demodulation and identification.PIN ASSIGNMENT. Mono, Stereo and Dual Language processing.ANAGND 1 280 VDD. Maximum Stereo separation control. K2 2 27 OSC. n. Volume, Treble and Bass control. K1 3 26 OSC.C. . MONO IN 4 25 vssq Special effects: pseudo and extra wide stereo.SCART IN L 5 24 ISETq Mute and separate power-on reset mute. SCART IN R 6 23 RESET. Loudspeaker, Headphone, Hifi outputs. SCART OUT L 7 22 TESTSCART OUT R 8 21 DATAq Independent left/right Volume Control on Loudspeaker and Headphoneoutputs. TC L vss. . TC R CLOCKq Peripheral (SCART) input/output. HIFIL Cl LSR. Mono Recorder Drive Capability. HIFIR i LSLANA GND HP RANA vss Cl HP LORDERING INFORMATIONDEVICE V PACKMC4413OP 28 DIP(IF) MOTOROLA -I MOTOROLA LTD., 1990FU NCTIONAL DESCRIPTIONAs shown in the internal
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