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MC33993DWB from MOT, Motorola 10pcs , SSOP,Multiple Switch Detection Interface
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MC33993DWB MOT N/a 10
FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION Pin Pin Name Formal Name Description1 GND Ground Ground for logic, analog, and switch to battery inputs.2 SI SPI Slave In SPI control data input pin from MCU to 33993. 3 SCLK Serial Clock SPI control clock input pin. 4 Chip Select SPI control chip select input pin from MCU to 33993. Logic 0 allows data to be CStransferred in. 5–8 SP0–3 Programmable Switches 0–7 Programmable switch-to-battery or switch-to-ground input pins.25–28 SP4–79–15, SG0–6, Switch-to-Ground Inputs 0–13 Switch-to-ground input pins.18–24 SG13–716 V Battery Input Battery supply input pin. Pin requires external reverse battery protection. PWR17 Wake-Up Open drain wake-up output. Designed to control a power supply enable pin.WAKE29 Interrupt Open-drain output to MCU. Used to indicate input switch change of state. INT30 AMUX Analog Multiplex Output Analog multiplex output.31 V Voltage Drain Supply 3.3/5.0 V supply. Sets SPI communication level for SO driver. DD32 SO SPI Slave Out Provides digital data from 33993 to MCU.MOTOROLA ANALOG INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DEVICE DATA 33993/D3

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