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MC33972DWBR2 from MOT, Motorola 16pcs , SSOP32,Multiple Switch Detection Interface with Suppressed Wake-Up
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MC33972DWBR2 MOT N/a 16
MC33972DWBR2 from FREESCALE, 1pcs,Multiple Switch Detection Interface with Suppressed Wake-Up
functional description of each terminal can be found in the System/Application Information section beginning on page 9.Terminal Terminal Formal Name DefinitionName1 GND Ground Ground for logic, analog, and switch to battery inputs.2 SI SPI Slave In SPI control data input terminal from MCU to 33972. 3 SCLK Serial Clock SPI control clock input terminal. 4 Chip Select SPI control chip select input terminal from MCU to 33972. Logic [0} allows data to be CStransferred in. 5–8 SP0–3 Programmable Switches 0–7 Programmable switch-to-battery or switch-to-ground input terminals.25–28 SP4–79–15, SG0–6, Switch-to-Ground Inputs 0–13 Switch-to-ground input terminals.18–24 SG13–716 V Battery Input Battery supply input terminal. Terminal requires external reverse battery protection. PWR17 Wake-Up Open drain wake-up output. Designed to control a power supply enable terminal.WAKE29 Interrupt Open-drain output to MCU. Used to indicate input switch change of state. INT30 AMUX Analog Multiplex Output Analog multiplex output.31 V Voltage Drain Supply 3.3/5.0 V supply. Sets SPI communication level for SO driver. DD32 SO SPI Slave Out Provides digital data from 33972 to MCU. MOTOROLA ANALOG INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DEVICE DATA 33972For More Information On This Product, 3 Go to: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc... Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.FeaturesEW (Pb-FREE) SUFFIX• Designed to Operate 5.5 V ≤ V ≤ 26 V PWRCASE 1324-02• Switch Input Voltage Range -14 V to V , 40 V Max 32-TERMINAL SOICWPWR• Interfaces Directly to Microprocessor Using 3.3 V/5.0 V SPI Protocol• Selectable Wake-Up on Change of StateORDERING INFORMATION• Selectable Wetting Current (16 mA or 2.0 mA)Temperature Device Package• 8 Programmable Inputs (Switches to Battery or Ground)Range (T )A• 14 Switch-to-Ground Inputs MC33972DWB/R2•V Standby Current 100 µA Typical, V Standby Current 20 µA -40°C to 125°C 32 SOICWPWR DDMC33972EW/R2Typical• Active Interrupt (INT) on Change-of-Switch State• Pb-Free Packaging Designated by Suffix Code EWSimplified Application Diagram33972 Simplified Application DiagramVDDVBATPower SupplyLVIV 33972BATEnableSP0 VPWRSP1WatchdogReset MCUVDDVBATSP7WAKESI MOSISCLK SCLKSG0SG1 CS CSSO MISOINT INTAMUX AN0SG12SG13 GNDThis document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. For More Information On This Product, Motorola, Inc. 2004 Go to: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc... Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. 5.0 VVPWRV VSP0PWR PWRV , V , 5.0 V VPWR DD PWR16.0 2.0POR VDDmA mABandgapGNDSleep PWRSP0To +SP14.0 V16.0 2.0–SPI RefmA mAComparatorSP2SP3SP4V V SP7PWR PWRSP516.0 2.05.0 VmA mASP6Oscillator SP7VPWRandTo + Clock Control4.0 V16.0 2.0–SPI RefmA mAComparator5.0 VTemperature5.0 VMonitor and V V SG0 5.0 VPWR PWRControl16.0 2.0 125 kΩVPWRmA mA5.0 VSG0WAKE To +SG14.0 V–SPI RefWAKE ControlComparatorSG2VDDSG3SPI Interface125 kΩand ControlSG4INTSG5INT ControlSG6VDDSG7MUX Interface40 µASG8CSSG9SCLKVDDSISG10SOV V SG13PWR PWRSG1116.0 2.0mA mASG12VDDAnalog MuxSG13Output+AMUXTo +4.0 V– –SPI RefComparator Figure 1. 33972 Simplified Internal

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