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MC26LS30DR2 from ON, ON Semiconductor 2082pcs , SOP,Dual Differential (EIA-422-A)/Quad Single-Ended (EIA-423-A) Line Drivers
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MC26LS30DR2 ON N/a 2082
MC26LS30DR2 from MOTO, Motorola 1200pcs,Dual Differential (EIA-422-A)/Quad Single-Ended (EIA-423-A) Line Drivers
MC26LS30DR2 from MOT, Motorola 2386pcs , SOP8,Dual Differential (EIA-422-A)/Quad Single-Ended (EIA-423-A) Line Drivers
3MC26LS302MC26LS30Block DiagramsDevice Package ShippingSingle–Ended Mode Differential ModeMC26LS30D SO–16 48 Units/RailEIA–423–A EIA–422–AMC26LS30DR2 SO–16 2500 Tape & ReelEnable ABSR-AInput A Out AOut AInput ASR-B Out BInput BOut BOut CInput DSR-C Out DInput COut CEnable CDSR-DV -1 Gnd-5CCV -8 Mode-4Input D EEOut D Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 20001 Publication Order Number:July, 2000 – Rev. 1 MC26LS30/DMC26LS30MAXIMUM OPERATING CONDITIONS (Pin numbers refer to SO–16 package only.)Rating Symbol Value UnitPower Supply Voltage V –0.5, +7.0 VdcCCV –7.0, +0.5EEInput Voltage (All Inputs) V –0.5, +20 VdcinApplied Output Voltage when in High Impedance Mode V ±15 Vdcza (V = 5.0 V, Pin 4 = Logic 0, Pins 3, 6 = Logic 1)CCOutput Voltage with V , V = 0 V V ±15CC EE zbOutput Current I Self limiting –OJunction Temperature T –65, +150 °CJDevices should not be operated at these limits. The “Recommended Operating Conditions” table provides conditions for actual device operation.RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONSRating Symbol Min Typ Max UnitPower Supply Voltage (Differential Mode) V +4.75 5.0 +5.25 VdcCCV –0.5 0 +0.3EEPower Supply Voltage (Single–Ended Mode) V +4.75 +5.0 +5.25CCV –5.25 –5.0 –4.75EEInput Voltage (All Inputs) V 0 – +15 VdcinApplied Output Voltage (when in High Impedance Mode) V –10 – +10zaApplied Output Voltage, V = 0 V –10 – +10CC zbOutput Current I –65 – +65 mAOOperating Ambient Temperature (See text) T –40 – +85 °CAAll limits are not necessarily functional concurrently.
MC26LS30DR2G ON, Dual Differential (EIA-422-A)/Quad Single-Ended (EIA-423-A) Line Drivers

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