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MAX9218ECM+T from MAXIM , MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 2691pcs , Alternate PN:MAX9218ECMT,27-Bit, 3MHz-to-35MHz DC-Balanced LVDS Deserializer
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MAX9218ECM+T MAXIM N/a 2691
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(V = +3.0V to +3.6V, PWRDWN = high, differential input voltage V  = 0.05V to 1.2V, input common-mode voltage V = V /2CC_ ID CM IDto V - V /2, T = -40°C to +85°C, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are at V = +3.3V, V  = 0.2V, V = 1.2V, CC ID A CC_ ID CMT = +25°C.) (Notes 1, 2)APARAMETER SYMBOL CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITSSINGLE-ENDED INPUTS (R/F, OUTEN, RNG0, RNG1, REFCLK, PWRDWN)High-Level Input Voltage V 2.0 V + 0.3 VIH CCLow-Level Input Voltage V -0.3 +0.8 VILV = -0.3V to (V + 0.3V),IN CCInput Current I -70 +70 µAINPWRDWN = high or lowInput Clamp Voltage V I = -18mA -1.5 VCL CLSINGLE-ENDED OUTPUTS (RGB_OUT[17:0], CNTL_OUT[8:0], DE_OUT, PCLK_OUT, LOCK)I = -100µA V - 0.1OH CCOI = -2mA,OHV - 0.35CCORNG1, RNG0 = highHigh-Level Output Voltage V VOHI = -2mA, RNG1, RNG0 both not highOHV - 0.4CCOsimultaneouslyI = 100µA 0.1OLI = 2mA,OL0.3RNG1, RNG0 = highLow-Level Output Voltage V VOLI = 2mA, RNG1, RNG0 both not highOL0.35simultaneouslyPWRDWN = low or OUTEN = low,High-Impedance Output Current I -10 +10 µAOZV = -0.3V to V + 0.3VO CCO2 _______Downloaded from: http://www.ic-phoenix.com/stock/MAX9218MAX921827-Bit, 3MHz-to-35MHz DC-Balanced LVDS DeserializerDC

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