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MAX9203EKA+T from MAXIM, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 1435pcs , SOT23-8,Low-Cost, 7ns, Low-Power Voltage Comparators
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MAX9203EKA+T MAXIM N/a 1435
FeaturesThe MAX9201/MAX9202/MAX9203 high-speed, low-♦ Fast 7ns Propagation Delaypower, quad/dual/single comparators feature TTL logic♦ Low 9mW/Comparator Power Consumption outputs with active internal pullups. Fast propagationdelay (7ns typ at 5mV overdrive) makes these devices♦ Separate Analog and Digital Suppliesideal for fast A/D converters and sampling circuits, line♦ Flexible Analog Supply: +5V to +10V or ±5Vreceivers, V/F converters, and many other data-discrim-ination, signal restoration

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