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MAX919ESA from MAX, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 2pcs , SMD,SOT23 / 1.8V / Nanopower / Beyond-the-Rails Comparators With/Without Reference
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applications,including monitoring/management. ♦ Input Voltage Range Extends 200mV Beyond-the-RailsThe unique design of the output stage limits supply-cur-rent surges while switching, virtually eliminating the♦ CMOS Push/Pull Output with ±8mA Drivesupply glitches typical of many other comparators. ThisCapability (MAX917/MAX919)design also minimizes overall power consumptionunder dynamic conditions. The MAX917/MAX919 have ♦ Open-Drain Output Versions Availablea push/pull output stage that sinks and sources current.(MAX918/MAX920)®Large internal output drivers allow Rail-to-Rail output♦ Crowbar-Current-Free Switchingswing with loads up to 8mA. The MAX918/MAX920have an open-drain output stage that makes them suit-♦ Internal Hysteresis for Clean Switchingable for mixed-voltage system design. ♦ No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs♦ Space-Saving SOT23 Package

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