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MAX8887EZK15 from MAXIM, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 995pcs , SOT23-5,Low-Dropout, 300mA Linear Regulators in SOT23
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MAX8887EZK15 MAXIM N/a 995
MAX8887EZK15 1000pcs , SOT23-5,Low-Dropout, 300mA Linear Regulators in SOT23
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(V = V + 1V, SHDN = IN, T = -40°C to +85°C, unless otherwise noted.) (Note 1)IN OUT A PARAMETER SYMBOL CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITSInput Voltage V 2.5 5.5 VINV risingINInput Undervoltage Lockout 2.15 2.4 V(2% typical hysteresis)T = +25°C, I = 100mA -1.2 +1.2A OUTI = 100µA to 300mA,OUT-2 +2Output Voltage Accuracy %T = 0°C to +85°CAI = 100µA to 300mA -3 +3OUTContinuous 300Maximum Output Current mA10ms pulse 500300V = 0OUTCurrent Limit mAV > 93% of nominal value 420OUTNo load 55 100Ground-Pin Current µAI = 300mA 65OUT0.5I = 1mAOUTDropout Voltage (Note 2) V = +3.3V mVOUT I = 200mA 100 200OUTI = 300mA 150OUTV = 2.5V or (V + 0.4V) to 5.5V,IN OUT Line Regulation -0.15 0 0.15 %/VI = 5mAOUT 10Hz to 100kHz, C = 0.01µF,BPMAX8887 42C = 2.2µF, ESR < 0.1ΩOUT COUTOutput Noise µVRMS10Hz to 100kHz, C = 2.2µF,OUTMAX8888 360ESR < 0.1ΩCOUTf < 1kHz, C = 0.01µF,BPMAX8887 60C = 4.7µF, ESR < 0.1ΩOUT COUTPSRR dBf < 1kHz, C = 2.2µF,OUTMAX8888 40ESR < 0.1ΩCOUT2 _______MAX8887/MAX8888MAX8887/MAX8888Low-Dropout, 300mA Linear Regulators in SOT23FeaturesThe MAX8887/MAX8888 low-dropout linear regulators Guaranteed 300mA Output Current (500mA foroperate from a 2.5V to 5.5V input and deliver up toPulsed Loads)300mA continuous (500mA pulsed) current. The Low 100mV Dropout at 200mA Load MAX8887 is optimized for low-noise operation, while theMAX8888 includes an open-drain POK ouput flag. Both POK Output (MAX8888)regulators feature exceptionally low 100mV dropout at 42µV Output Noise (MAX8887)RMS200mA. These devices are available in a variety of pre-set output voltages in the 1.5V to 3.3V range.  Preset Output Voltages (1.5V, 1.8V, 2.85V, and3.3V)An internal PMOS pass transistor allows the low 55µAsupply current to remain independent of load, making 55µA No-Load Supply Currentthese devices ideal for portable battery-powered equip- Thermal Overload and Short-Circuit Protectionment such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), cellu-lar phones, cordless phones, and notebook computers. Foldback Output Current-Limit ProtectionOther

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