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MAX8611ETM+T from MAXIM, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 4297pcs , QFN , Alternate PN:MAX8611ETMT,8-Channel PMICs for Digital Camera Power Supplies
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MAX8611ETM+T MAXIM N/a 4297
FeaturesThe MAX8610–MAX8613/MAX8611V are highly efficient♦ 95% Efficient Synchronous-Rectified DC-DCscomplete power-supply solutions for digital still cam-♦ 90% Efficient Boost-Buck Operationeras (DSCs) and digital video cameras (DVCs). Seven♦ 85% Efficient DC-DCs for CCD, LCD, WLED,internal-MOSFET DC-DC converters provide up to 95%and/or OLEDefficiency and generate all critical power supplies inDSC systems. They also feature True Shutdown™, as♦ Auxiliary Power for Motorswell as internal compensation to minimize external(MAX8610/MAX8611/MAX8611V)component count. One additional converter operates♦ Internal Compensationwith an external MOSFET for optimum design flexibility.♦ True Shutdown Step-Up ConvertersIn all, eight converter channels include:♦ Overload Protection• Synchronous-rectified step-up with True Shutdown.♦ Soft-Start for Controlled Startup Current• Two synchronous-rectified step-down (MAX8611/MAX8613/MAX8611V) or step-up (MAX8610/ ♦ Low-Dropout (100% Duty Cycle) Step-DownsMAX8612) converters power DSC system, I/O, and♦ Regulated Current for Up to 6 White LEDSAFE blocks.♦ Open-LED Overvoltage Protection• Low-V (down to 1V), synchronous-rectifiedOUT♦ Transformerless Inverting Converter for CCDstep-down to power a DSP core.♦ Adjustable 1MHz to 2MHz Switching Frequency• High-output-voltage step-up for CCD bias.♦ 3% Frequency Accuracy• Transformerless inverter for negative CCD bias.♦ 1µA Shutdown Supply Current• High-output-voltage step-up for white LEDs, OLED♦ CCD Voltage Sequencingdisplay, or other output.♦ Voltage Tracking for Core and Logic• Auxiliary DC-DC boost (MAX8611/MAX8610/(MAX8611/MAX8613/MAX8611V)MAX8611V) or inverting (MAX8612/MAX8613)controller.♦ Compact 48-Pin, 6mm x 6mm Thin QFN PackageThe MAX8611/MAX8613/MAX8611V operate in 1-cellOrdering Informationlithium-ion (Li+) and dual-battery (Li+ and 2 AA) designs.The MAX8610/MAX8612 operate in 2 AA designs.PIN- PKGPART TEMP RANGE

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