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MAX2102CWI from MAXIN, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 3pcs , SOP28,Direct-Conversion Tuner ICs for Digital DBS Applications
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MAX2102CWI from MAXIM, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 97pcs , SOIC28,Direct-Conversion Tuner ICs for Digital DBS Applications
Features†The MAX2102/MAX2105 are low-cost direct-conver- ' Low-Cost Bipolar Design, Lowest Costsion tuner ICs designed for use in digital direct-broad-Architecturecast satellite (DBS) television set-top box units. The' Operate from a Single +5V Supplydirect-conversion architecture reduces system cost' 950MHz to 2150MHz Input Frequency Range*compared to devices with IF-based architectures.' On-Chip Quadrature Generator, Dual-ModulusThe MAX2102/MAX2105 directly tune L-band signals tobaseband using a broadband I/Q downconverter. Prescaler (/64, /65)Operating frequency range spans from at least 950MHz' Input Levelsto 2150MHz.-69dBm to -19dBm per Carrier (MAX2102)The ICs include a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with auto--60dBm to -19dBm per Carrier (MAX2105)matic gain control (AGC), two downconverter mixers,' Over 50dB AGC Control Range (MAX2102)an oscillator buffer with 90° quadrature generator andprescaler, and baseband amplifiers. ' Noise Figure = 13.2dB (MAX2102); IP3 = 6.5dBm (at 1450MHz)The MAX2102 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(MAX2102 EV kit circuit (Figure 1); V = +5V; PSGND = open; MOD = GND; f = 2150MHz; P = -19dBm; f =CC RFIN RFIN LO2150.125MHz; P = -15dBm driven single-ended into LO; AGC set via servo loop for V = V = 0.5Vp-p; IOUT, QOUT driveLO IOUT QOUTAC-coupled 100Ω loads; 2kΩ from PSOUT to GND; T = +25°C; unless otherwise noted.)APARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITSRF FRONT ENDRFIN Carrier Frequency Range (Note 1) 950 2150 MHzRefers to single-carrier power generatingRFIN Maximum Single-Carrier V = V = 0.5Vp-p,IOUT QOUT-19 dBm950MHz < f < 2150MHz,Input Power RFIN950MHz < f < 2150MHz (Note 2)LORefers to single-carrier power generatingMAX2102 -69RFIN Minimum Single-Carrier V = V = 0.5Vp-p,IOUT QOUTdBmInput Power 950MHz < f < 2150MHz,RFINMAX2105 -60950MHz < f < 2150MHz (Note 2)LO0.5V ≤ V ≤ 4V MAX2102 50AGCAGC Range dB1V ≤ V ≤ 4V MAX2105 41AGC2 _______MAX2102/MAX2105MAX2102/MAX2105Direct-Conversion Tuner ICs forDigital DBS

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