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MAX2101CMQ from MAX, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 10pcs , QFP,6-Bit Quadrature Digitizer
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ApplicationsRecovery of PSK and QAM Modulated RF Carriers______________Ordering InformationDirect-Broadcast Satellite (DBS) SystemsTelevision Receive-Only (TVRO) Systems PART TEMP. RANGE PIN-PACKAGEMAX2101CMQ 0°C to +70°C 100 MQFPCable Television (CATV) SystemsWireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)__________Typical Application CircuitLOW-NOISE AMPLIFIERX/KU BANDH POLARIZATIONV POLARIZATION950MHz to 2000MHz 600MHz(NARROW BAND)LOCAL OSCILLATORLOCAL OSCILLATORL-BAND DOWNCONVERTERLOW-NOISE BLOCKCLOCKERRORANDMATCHED DETECTION MISCELLANEOUSFILTERS CARRIER AND DSPRECOVERYCORRECTION0°A/DQUADRATURECONVERSION90°GENERATIONDSP POST PROCESSINGDIV-16MAX2101612MHz PHASE LOCKEDTMRF-to-Bits is a registered trademark of Tektronix, Inc.____ Maxim Integrated Products 1For & the latest literature: http://, or phone EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE6-Bit Quadrature DigitizerABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGSSupply Voltage Ranges (Note 1) Continuous Power Dissipation (T = +70°C) .....1.6WAV ....(-0.3V to +6.5V) Operating Temperature Range....0°C to +70°CCCV ......(V + 0.3V) Storage Temperature Range ..-65°C to +150°CINA CCAV .....(V + 0.3V) Lead Temperature (soldering, <10sec)+300°CIND CCDNote 1: The digital control inputs are diode protected; however, permanent damage may occur on unconnected units under high-energy electrostatic fields. Keep unused units in conductive foam or shunt the terminals together. Discharge the conductivefoam to the destination socket before insertion.Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functionaloperation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure toabsolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(V = 4.75V to 5.25V, T = +25°C, unless otherwise noted.)CC APARAMETER SYMBOL CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITSDC SPECIFICATIONS (V = System Ground, V = V = 5.0V ±5%)GND CCA CCDDigital Supply Current I V , V , V , V 102 mACCD CCA CCO CCD CCCADC Supply Current I V 80 mACCAD CCADRF Blocks Supply Current I V , V , V , V 170 mACCRF CCIF CC2 CC1 CCQIF Port DC Dynamic Range V 0.5 100 mVIFIF Port Input Resistance R 40 75 ΩIFV V = 100mV 1.0 1.5AGMIN IFAGC Input Voltage VV V = 0.5mV 2.3 2.9AGMAX IFAGC Input Resistance R 50 100 kΩAGCAGC Input Capacitance C (Note 2) 2 pFAGCAGC Range AGCR 40 dBAGC Control Slope Variation SV Variation dB/V 4:1AGCAGC Control Input Bias Current I Voltage range = 1V to 4V ±20 µAAGCLowpass Filter Tune Input Resistance R 10 kΩILPFLowpass Filter Tune Input Capacitance C (Note 2) 2 pFILPFTNKA, TNKB Resonant Port Bias VoltageV 4.1V on complementary input 13 VLOLO Resonant Port Input Resistance R (Note 2) 10 kΩILOLO Resonant Port Input Capacitance C (Note 2) 2 pFILOLO Prescaler Output High (Note 3) V R = 1MΩ, C = 15pF 2.4 VOH L LLO Prescaler Output Low V R = 1MΩ, C = 15pF 0.5 VOL L LLO Prescaler Output Source Current I R = 1MΩ, C = 15pF, V = 2.4V 400 µAOH L L OLO Prescaler Output Sink Current I R = 1MΩ, C = 15pF, V = 0.5V 50 µAOL L L OBaseband Amplifier DC Gain A 27 29 31 dBVBBBaseband Input—Input Capacitance C (Note 2) 2 pFIBBBaseband Amplifier I/Q Offset MatchLSB = 24mV, ENOPB = 0V, V 1.0 LSBOFFBB(Note 4) V = V to VFTUNE FTMIN FTMAXBaseband Amplifier Offset AdjustR Voltage Range = 1V to 4V 10 kΩOFFBBInput Resistance2 _______MAX2101MAX21016-Bit Quadrature DigitizerFeaturesThe MAX2101 6-bit quadrature digitizer combines quad- ' ADCs Provide Greater than 5.5 Effective Bits at rature demodulation with analog-to-digital conversion on f = 60Msps, f = 15MHzS INTMa single bipolar silicon die. This unique RF-to-Bits' Fully Integrated Lowpass Filters with function bridges the gap between existing RF downcon-Externally Variable Bandwidth (10MHz to 30MHz)verters and CMOS digital signal processors (DSPs).' 40dB Dynamic RangeThe MAX2101’s simple receiver subsystem is designed' Integrated VCO and Quadrature Generationfor digital communications systems such as those usedNetwork for I/Q Demodulationin DBS, TVRO, WLAN, and other
MAX2101CMQ MAX,ApplicationsRecovery of PSK and QAM Modulated RF Carriers______________Ordering InformationDirect-Broadcast Satellite (DBS) SystemsTelevision Receive ..

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