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MAX208EEAG+T from MAXIM , MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 5000pcs , Alternate PN:MAX208EEAGT,±15kV ESD-Protected, +5V RS-232 Transceivers
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features are outlined in the Selector Guide. Thedrivers and receivers for all ten devices meet all EIA/TIA-Enables Single Supply Operation From +5V Supply232E and CCITT V.28 specifications at data rates up to• Integrated 0.1µF Capacitors (MAX203E, MAX205E)120kbps when loaded.• 24 pin SSOP Package Saves up to 40% Versus SO The MAX211E/MAX213E/MAX241E are available in 28-Packagepin SO and SSOP packages. The MAX202E/MAX232E• Saves Power for Reduced Power Requirementscome in 16-pin TSSOP, narrow SO, wide SO, and DIP• 1µA Shutdown Modepackages. The MAX203E comes in a 20-pin DIP/SOpackage, and needs no external charge-pump capaci-• 15µA Shutdown Mode for MAX213Etors. The MAX205E comes in a 24-pin wide DIP pack-age, and also eliminates external charge-pumpOrdering Information capacitors.PART TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE

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