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MAX1953EUB-T from MAXIM, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 5215pcs , SOP-10 , Alternate PN:MAX1953EUBT,Low-Cost, High-Frequency, Current-Mode PWM Buck Controllers
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MAX1953EUB-T MAXIM N/a 5215
applications where cost and♦ MAX1953size are critical.1MHz Switching FrequencyThe MAX1953 operates at a fixed 1MHz switching fre-Small Component Size, Low Costquency, thus significantly reducing external componentAdjustable Current Limitsize and cost. Additionally, excellent transient response♦ MAX1954is obtained using less output capacitance. The MAX19533V to 13.2V Input Voltageoperates from low 3V to 5.5V input voltage and can sup-25A Output Current Capabilityply up to 10A of output current. Selectable current limit isprovided to tailor to the external MOSFETs’ on-resistance 93% Efficiencyfor optimum cost and performance. The output voltage is 300kHz Switching Frequencyadjustable from 0.8V to 0.86V .IN♦ MAX1957With the MAX1954, the drain-voltage range on the high-Tracking 0.4V to 0.86V Output Voltage RangeINside FET is 3V to 13.2V and is independent of the supplySinking and Sourcing Capability of 3Avoltage. It operates at a fixed 300kHz switching frequen-♦ Shutdown Featurecy and can be used to provide up to 25A of output cur-rent with high efficiency. The output voltage is adjustable♦ All N-Channel MOSFET Design for Low Costfrom 0.8V to 0.86V .HSD♦ No Current-Sense Resistor NeededThe MAX1957

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