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MAX188DCAP from MAXIM, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor 20pcs , SSOP20,Low-power, 8-channel, serial 12-bit ADC.
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ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(V = 5V ±5%; V = 0V or -5V; f = 2.0MHz, external clock (50% duty cycle); 15 clocks/conversion cycle (133ksps); MAX186—DD SS CLK4.7µF capacitor at VREF pin; MAX188—external reference, VREF = 4.096V applied to VREF pin; T = T to T , unless otherwiseA MIN MAXnoted.)PARAMETER SYMBOL CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITSDC ACCURACY (Note 1)Resolution 12 BitsMAX186A/MAX188A ±0.5MAX186B/MAX188B ±0.5Relative Accuracy (Note 2) MAX186C ±1.0 LSBMAX188C ±0.75MAX186D/MAX188D ±1.0Differential Nonlinearity DNL No missing codes over temperature ±1 LSBMAX186A/MAX188A ±2.0MAX186B/MAX188B ±3.0Offset Error LSBMAX186C/MAX188C ±3.0MAX186D/MAX188D ±3.0MAX186 (all grades) ±3.0MAX188A ±1.5Gain Error (Note 3) MAX188B ±2.0 LSBExternal reference4.096V (MAX188)MAX188C ±2.0MAX188D ±3.0Gain Temperature Coefficient External reference, 4.096V ±0.8 ppm/°CChannel-to-Channel ±0.1 LSBOffset MatchingDYNAMIC SPECIFICATIONS (10kHz sine wave input, 4.096V , 133ksps, 2.0MHz external clock, bipolar input mode)P-PSignal-to-Noise + Distortion Ratio SINAD 70 dBTotal Harmonic DistortionTHD -80 dB(up to the 5th harmonic)Spurious-Free Dynamic Range SFDR 80 dBChannel-to-Channel Crosstalk 65kHz, V = 4.096V (Note 4) -85 dBIN P-P2 _______MAX186/MAX188MAX186/MAX188Low-Power, 8-Channel,Serial 12-Bit ADCs

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