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LM4041DIDCKT from TI, Texas Instruments 713pcs , SC70-5,Adjustable Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference, 1.0% accuracy
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LM4041DIDCKT TI N/a 713
SLCS146E–FEBRUARY 2005–REVISED FEBRUARY 2006ORDERING INFORMATIONORDERABLE TOP-SIDE(1)T DEVICE GRADE V PACKAGEA Z (2)PART NUMBER MARKINGC grade: Reel of 3000 LM4041CQDBZRADJ SOT-23-3 (DBZ) 4MP_0.5% initialReel of 250 LM4041CQDBZTaccuracyand Reel of 3000 LM4041C12QDBZR100 ppm/°C1.2 V SOT-23-3 (DBZ) 4MS_temperatureReel of 250 LM4041C12QDBZTcoefficient–40°C to 125°CD grade: Reel of 3000 LM4041DQDBZRADJ SOT-23-3 (DBZ) 4MR_1.0% initialReel of 250 LM4041DQDBZTaccuracyReel of 3000 LM4041D12QDBZRand150 ppm/°C1.2 V SOT-23-3 (DBZ) 4MT_temperatureReel of 250 LM4041D12QDBZTcoefficient(1) Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data, symbolization, and PCB design guidelines are available at

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