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LM394BH from NS, National Semiconductor 2pcs , TO-99,SuperMatch Pair
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LM394BH NS N/a 2
applications.YCurrent gain (h ) matched to 2%FETo guarantee long term stability of matching parameters,YCommon-mode rejection ratio greater than 120 dBinternal clamp diodes have been added across the emitter-YParameters guaranteed over 1 mA to 1 mA collectorbase junction of each transistor. These prevent degradationcurrentdue to reverse biased emitter currentÐthe most commonYExtremely low noisecause of field failures in matched devices. The parasitic iso-YSuperior logging characteristics compared tolation junction formed by the diodes also clamps the sub-conventional pairsstrate region to the most negative emitter to ensure com-YPlug-in replacement for presently available devicesplete isolation between devices.TheLM194andLM394willprovideaconsiderableimprove-mentinperformanceinmost

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