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LD7536RGL from IC-PHOENIX or within 1-2 days
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LD7536RGL from 通嘉, 500pcs , SOT236+
Partno Mfg Dc Qty Available
LD7536RGL 通嘉 N/a 500
LD2981CM50TR ST,ST 50000, Ultra low drop voltage regulators with inhibit low ESR output capacitors compatible
LD7535BPL 1916
LD7535MBL 通嘉 3000
LD7536GL LD 3010
LD7536RGL 通嘉 500
LD7537RGL 200
LD7550 220, Green-Mode PWM Controller
LD7550A LD 24
LD7830GR 200

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