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HCTL-2032SC from AGIL, Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) 40pcs , SOP32 , Alternate PN:HCTL2032SC,HCTL-2032-SC · Quadrature Decoder IC
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HCTL-2032SC AGIL N/a 40
Features• Interfaces Encoder to Microprocessor 33 MHz Clock Operation Programmable Count Modes (1x, 2x or 4x) Single or Dual Axis Support Index Channel SupportThe HCTL-2032 and HCTL-Description High Noise Immunity:2032-SC have dual-axis The HCTL-20XX-XX is CMOS  Schmitt Trigger Inputs and Digital capability and index channel ICs that perform the Noise Filtersupport. Both devices can be quadrature decoder, counter,  32-Bit Binary Up/Down Counterprogrammed as 4x/2x/1x count and bus interface function. The mode. The HCTL-2032 and  Latched OutputsHCTL-20XX-XX is designed to HCTL2032-SC also provides  8-Bit Tristate Interfaceimprove system performance in quadrature decoder output digital closed loop motion  8, 16, 24, or 32-Bit Operating Modessignals and cascade signals for control systems and digital data  Quadrature Decoder Output use with many standard input systems. It does this by Signals, Up/Down and Countcomputer ICs.shifting time intensive  Cascade Output Signals, Up/Down quadrature decoder functions to The HCTL-2022 has most of the and Counta cost effective hardware HCTL-2032

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