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HCPLM611 from AVAGO, 165pcs , SOP5,Small Outline, 5 Lead, High CMR, High Speed, Logic Gate Optocouplers
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HCPLM611 AVAGO N/a 165
Features DescriptionThese small outline high CMR,• Surface Mountablehigh speed, logic gate optocoup-• Very Small, Low Profilelers are single channel devices inJEDEC Registered Packagea five lead miniature footprint.OutlineThey are electrically equivalent to• Compatible with Infraredthe following AgilentVapor Phase Reflow andoptocouplers (except there is noWave Soldering Processesoutput enable feature):• Internal Shield for HighCommon Mode RejectionSO-5 Package Standard DIP SO-8 Package(CMR)HCPL-M601: 10,000 V/μs at HCPL-M600 6N137 HCPL-0600V = 50 VCMHCPL-M601 HCPL-2601 HCPL-0601HCPL-M611: 15,000 V/μs atHCPL-M611 HCPL-2611 HCPL-0611V = 1000 VCM• High Speed: 10 MbdThe SO-5 JEDEC registered (MO- Schottky-clamped transistor. The• LSTTL/TTL Compatible155) package outline does not internal shield provides a• Low Input Currentrequire “through holes” in a PCB. guaranteed common modeCapability: 5 mAThis package occupies transient immunity specification of• Guaranteed ac and dcapproximately one fourth the 5,000 V/μs for the HCPL-M601,Performance overfootprint area of the standard and 10,000 V/μs for the HCPL-Temperature: -40°C to 85°Cdual-in-line package. The lead M611.• Recognized under theprofile is designed to be com-Component Program of U.L.patible with standard surface This unique design provides(File No. E55361) formount processes. maximum ac and dc circuitDielectric Withstand Proofisolation while achieving TTLTest Voltage of 2500 Vac, 1The HCPL-M600/01/11 optically compatibility. The optocoupler acMinutecoupled gates combine a GaAsP and dc operational parameters arelight emitting diode and an guaranteed from -40°C to 85°Cintegrated high gain photon allowing trouble free systemdetector. The output of the performance.detector I.C. is an Open-collectorCAUTION: The small device geometries inherent to the design of this bipolar component increase the component'ssusceptibility to damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). It is advised that normal static precautions be takenin handling and assembly of this component to prevent damage and/or degradation which may be induced byESD.2The HCPL-M600/01/11 are line receivers cannot tolerate, and

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