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HCPL-J314-300E from AVAGO, 2000pcs , SOP8 , Alternate PN:HCPLJ314300E
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HCPL-J314-300E AVAGO N/a 2000
HCPLJ314 AGILENT 7670,applications. The• Bootstrappable Supplyhigh operating voltage range ofCurrent: Max. 3 mAN/C 4 5 VEEthe output stage provides the SHIELD• Wide Operat ..
HCPL-J314 AGILENT 421,FeaturesThe HCPL-J314 family of devices• 0.4 A Minimum Peakconsists of an AlGaAs LEDOutput Currentoptically coupled to an integrated• High Speed Resp ..
HCPL-J314 HP 38,0.4 Amp Output CurrentIGBT Gate Drive OptocouplerTechnical DataHCPL-J314Description Functional Diagram
HCPL-J314-000E AVAGO 2000
HCPL-J314-300E AVAGO 2000
HCPL-J314-500E AVAGO 2000
HCPL-J454 HP 441,Features -V = 891 Vpeak for • Replaces PulseIORMHCPL-J454 Transformers -• Short Propagation DelaysSave Board Space and Weightfor TTL and IPM -V = 141 ..
HCPL-J454 AGILENT 3840,ApplicationsProvides Improved LinearityV = 1500 V for TTL/LoadCM• Inverter Circuits andover PhototransistorsDriveIntelligent Power Module• High CTR a ..
HCPL-J454 AGI 2,Applications Dead Time section)contain an AlGaAs LED. The LED• TTL Compatible • Line Receivers -is optically coupled to anShort Propagation Delays an ..

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