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HCPL-2200 from HP, 463pcs , DIP8 , Alternate PN:HCPL2200,Low Input Current Logic Gate Optocouplers
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HCPL-2200 HP N/a 463
HCPL-2200 from AGILENT, Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) 722pcs , SOP-8 , Alternate PN:HCPL2200,Low Input Current Logic Gate Optocouplers
Applications• Isolation of High SpeedLogic Systems• Computer-PeripheralInterfaces• Microprocessor SystemInterfacesA 0.1 μF bypass capacitor must be connected between pins 5 and 8.CAUTION: It is advised that normal static precautions be taken in handling and assembly of thiscomponent to prevent damage and/or degradation which may be induced by ESD.1-120 5965-3596EThe Electrical and Switching TTL, LSTTL, and CMOS logic and The HCPL-2200/2219 are usefulFeatures • Ground Loop EliminationThe three state output eliminates• 2.5 kV/μs Minimum Common• Pulse Transformerthe need for a pullup resistor andMode Rejection (CMR) atReplacementallows for direct drive of dataV = 400 V (HCPL-2219)CM• Isolated Buss Driver• Compatible with LSTTL, busses. The hysteresis provides• High Speed Line ReceiverTTL, and CMOS Logicdifferential mode noise immunity• Wide V Range (4.5 to 20 V)CC and eliminates the potential forDescription• 2.5 Mbd Guaranteed overoutput signal chatter.TemperatureThe HCPL-2200/2219 are• Low Input Current (1.6 mA)optically coupled logic gates that A superior internal shield on the• Three State Output (No combine a GaAsP LED and an HCPL-2219 guarantees commonPullup Resistor Required)integrated high gain photo mode transient immunity of• Guaranteed Performance detector. The detector has a three 2.5 kV/μs at a common modefrom 0°C to 85°Cstate output stage and has a voltage of 400 volts.• Hysteresis• Safety ApprovalFunctional DiagramUL Recognized -2500 V rmsfor 1 minuteCSA ApprovedNC 1 8 VCCVDE 0884 Approved withTRUTH TABLE(POSITIVE LOGIC)V = 630 V peakIORMVANODE 2 7OLED ENABLE OUTPUT (HCPL-2219 Option 060ON H ZOnly)OFF H Z6CATHODE 3 VEON L H• MIL-STD-1772 VersionOFF L LAvailable (HCPL-5200/1)4 5 GNDNCSHIELD

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