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HCPL-0731 from AGILENT, Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) 406pcs , 3.9*8 , Alternate PN:HCPL0731,Dual Channel Low Input Current, High Gain Optocouplers
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HCPL-0731 AGILENT N/a 406
Applications Description• High Current Transfer Ratio • Digital Logic Ground These dual channel optocouplers– 1800% Typical Isolation contain a separated pair of GaAsPlight emitting diodes optically• Low Input Current • Telephone Ring Detectorcoupled to a pair of integratedRequirements – 0.5 mA• Level Shiftinghigh gain photo detectors. They• Low Output Saturation• EIA RS-232C Line Receiverprovide extremely high currentVoltage – 0.1 V• Polarity Sensingtransfer ratio and excellent input-• High Density Packaging• Low Input Current Lineoutput common mode transient• Performance GuaranteedReceiver - Long Line or Partyimmunity. A separate pin for theover TemperatureLinephotodiodes and first gain stages0°Cto70°C• Microprocessor Bus (V ) permits lower output satura-CC• LSTTL CompatibleIsolation tion voltage and higher speed• High Output Current – operation than possible with• Current Loop Receiver60 mA conventional photodarlington• Line Voltage Status Indicatortype optocouplers. In addition,• Safety Approval-Low Input PowerV may be as low as 1.6 VUL Recognized - 2500 V rms CCDissipationfor 1 Minute and5000 V rms* for 1 minuteCSA Approved Functional Diagram• Available in 8 Pin DIP andSO-8 Footprint1 8 VANODE 1 CC• MIL-STD-1772 VersionAvailable (HCPL-5730/5731)TRUTH TABLECATHODE 2 7 V1 O1LED VO • Surface Mount Gull WingON LOWOption Available for 8-PinOFF HIGHCATHODE 3 6 VO22DIP (Option 300)ANODE 4 5 GND2*5000 V rms/1 minute withstand voltage rating is for Option 020 (HCPL-2730, HCLP-2731) products only.A 0.1 μF bypass capacitor connected between pins 5 and 8 is recommended.CAUTION: It is advised that normal static precautions be taken in handling and assembly of this component toprevent damage and/or degradation which may be induced by ESD.1-108 5965-3597Ewithout adversely affecting the Guaranteed operation at low input capability make this deviceparametric performance. currents and the high current extremely useful in
HCPL-0731#500 Agilent
HCPL-0731-000E AVAGO
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HCPL-0731-500E AVAGO

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