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FRP2010CC. from NS, National Semiconductor 5pcs , TO-220 , Alternate PN:FRP2010CC,Ultra-fast POWER planar Rectifiers 10-20 A/ 50-200 V
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FRP2010CC. NS N/a 5
ELI DEIHHE‘IEWI 0027636 l ICC”:i “‘43:“1":“':“:“‘“"':““““ L _ 3469674 FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR 840 27838 D re I-l-rl-lm- FRP1000/FRP2000CC Series 'lifNliffiituafil UItra-fast PoWERplanar'" A Schlumberger Company Rectifiers 10-20 A, i" 50-200 v . - ' Power And Discrete Division T-. tyer C? Description TO-220Ac TO-220AB Designed for use in switching power supplies, inverters and as free-wheeling diodes, these state-of-the-art devices E have the following

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