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EMIF03-SIM02F3 from ST, ST Microelectronics 1770pcs , 1047+ , Alternate PN:EMIF03SIM02F3,3-line EMI filter and ESD protection for SIM card interfaces
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EMIF03-SIM02F3 ST N/a 1770
ApplicationsCLK in CLK extR2100ΩData in Data extEMI filtering and ESD protection for:R3■ SIM Interface (subscriber identify module)Cline = 20 pF max.■ UIM Interface (universal identify module)GNDDescription The EMIF03-SIM02F3 is a highly integrated device designed to suppress EMI / RFI noise in all systems subjected to electromagnetic interferences.This filter includes an ESD protection circuitry which prevents damage to the application when subjected to ESD surges up to 15 kV. TM: IPAD is a trademark of STMicroelectronics.April 2010 Doc ID 11554 Rev 5 1/9www.st.com 9

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