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DAC8512EP from PMI, Analog Devices 8pcs , DIP8,% V, Serial Input Complete 12-Bit DAC
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Specifications subject to change without notice.–2– REV. ADAC8512WAFER TEST LIMITS(@ V = +5.0 V 6 5%, T = +258C, applies to part number DAC8512GBC only, unless otherwise noted)DD AParameter Symbol Condition Min Typ Max UnitsSTATIC PERFORMANCERelative Accuracy INL –2 ±3/4 +2 LSBDifferential Nonlinearity DNL No Missing Codes –1 ±0.7 +1 LSBZero-Scale Error V Data = 000 +1/2 +3 LSBZSE HFull-Scale Voltage V Data = FFF 4.085 4.095 4.105 VFS HLOGIC INPUTSLogic Input Low Voltage V 0.8 VILLogic Input High Voltage V 2.4 VIHInput Leakage Current I 10 μAILSUPPLY
DAC8512FS ADI,GENERAL DESCRIPTION Serial interface is high speed, three-wire, DSP compatible withThe DAC8512 is a complete serial input, 12-bit, voltage output dat ..
DAC8512FS AD,CHARACTERISTICSPositive Supply Current I V = 2.4 V, V = 0.8 V, No Load 1.5 2.5 mADD IH ILV = 5 V, V = 0 V, No Load 0.5 1 mADD ILPower Dissipation P V ..

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