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DAC8408FS from AD, Analog Devices 500pcs,Quad 8-Bit Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter with Memory
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DAC8408FS AD N/a 500
DAC8408FS 27pcs , SOP,Quad 8-Bit Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter with Memory
DAC8408FS from ADI, Analog Devices 12pcs , SOP,Quad 8-Bit Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter with Memory
DAC8408FS from ANALOG, Analog Devices 472pcs , SOP28,Quad 8-Bit Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter with Memory
DAC8408FS from PMI, Analog Devices 21pcs , SOP-28,Quad 8-Bit Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter with Memory
GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1Burn-in is available on commercial and industrial temperature range partsThe DAC8408 is a monolithic quad 8-bit multiplying digital-to-in cerdip, plastic DIP, and TO-can packages. For outline information see Pack-age Information section.analog CMOS converter. Each DAC has its own reference input,2For devices processed in total compliance to MIL-STD-883, add /883 afterfeedback resistor, and onboard data latches that featurepart number. Consult factory for 883 data sheet.read/write capability. The readback function serves as memory3For availability and burn-in information on SO and PLCC packages, contactfor those systems requiring self-diagnostics.your local sales office.FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMDAC8408REV. AInformation furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate andreliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for itsuse, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties, P.O. Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062-9106, U.S.A.which may result from its use. No license is granted by implication orTel: 617/329-4700 Fax: 617/326-8703otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices.DAC8408ELECTRICAL Specifications apply for DAC A, B, C, & D.) DAC8408Parameter Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max UnitsSTATIC ACCURACYResolution N 8 Bits1, 2Nonlinearity INL DAC8408A/E/G ±1/4 LSBDAC8408B/F/H ±1/2 LSBDifferential DNL DAC8408A/E/G ±1/2 LSBNonlinearity DAC8408B/F/H ±1 LSBGain Error G (Using Internal R ) ±1 LSBFSE FB3, 6Gain Tempco TC ±2 ±40 ppm/°CGFSPower Supply Rejection(ΔV = ±10%) PSR 0.001 %FSR/%DDI , , , OUT 1A B C D13Leakage Current I T =+25°C ±30 nALKG AT = Full Temperature Range ±100 nAAREFERENCE INPUTInput Voltage Range ±20 V4Input Resistance Match R ±1%A, B, C, DInput Resistance R 6 1014kΩINDIGITAL INPUTSDigital Input Low V 0.8 VILDigital Input High V 2.4 VIH5Input Current T = +25°C ±0.01 ±1.0 μAAI T = Full Temperature Range ±10.0 μAIN A 6Input Capacitance C 8pFINDATA BUS OUTPUTSDigital Output Low V 16 mA Sink 0.4 VOLDigital Output High V 400 μA Source 4 VOHOutput Leakage Current I T = +25°C ±0.005 ±1.0 μALKG AT = Full Temperature Range ±0.075 ±10.0 μAA6DAC OUTPUTS7Propagation Delay t 150 180 nsPD11,12Settling Time t 190 250 nsSOutput Capacitance C DAC Latches All “0s” 30 pFOUTDAC Latches All “1s” 50 pFAC Feedthrough FT (20 V @ F = 100 kHz) 54 dBp-p6, 10SWITCHING APPLICATIONSTemperature PackageVoltage Set Points in Automatic Test EquipmentModel INL DNL Range DescriptionSystems Requiring Data Access for Self-DiagnosticsDAC8408GP ±1/4 LSB ±1/2 LSB 0°C to +70°C 28-Pin Plastic DIPIndustrial AutomationDAC8408ET ±1/4 LSB ±1/2 LSB –40°C to +85°C 28-Pin CerdipMultichannel Microprocessor-Controlled Systems 2DAC8408AT ±1/4 LSB ±1/2 LSB –55°C to +125°C 28-Pin CerdipDigitally Controlled Op Amp Offset AdjustmentDAC8408FT ±1/2 LSB ±1 LSB –40°C to +85°C 28-Pin Cerdip2DAC8408BT ±1/2 LSB ±1 LSB –55°C to +125°C 28-Pin CerdipProcess Control3DAC8408FPC ±1/2 LSB ±1 LSB –40°C to +85°C 28-Contact PLCCDigital AttenuatorsDAC8408FS ±1/2 LSB ±1 LSB –40°C to +85°C 28-Pin SOLDAC8408FP ±1/2 LSB ±1 LSB –40°C to +85°C 28-Pin Plastic DIPNOTESCHARACTERISTICSWrite to Data Strobe Time t or T = +25°C90 nsDS1 At T = Full Temperature Range 145 nsDS2 AData Valid to Strobe Set-Up Time t T = +25°C 150 nsDSU AT = Full Temperature Range 175 nsAData Valid to Strobe Hold Time t 10 nsDHDAC Select to Strobe Set-Up Time t 0nsASDAC Select to Strobe Hold Time t 0nsAHWrite Select to Strobe Set-Up Time t 0nsWSUWrite Select to Strobe Hold Time t 0nsWHRead to Data Strobe Width t T = +25°C 220 nsRDS AT = Full Temperature Range 350 nsAData Strobe to Output Valid Time t T = +25°C 320 nsCO AT = Full Temperature Range 430 nsAOutput Data to Deselect Time t T = +25°C 200 nsOTD AT = Full Temperature Range 270 nsARead Select to Strobe Set-Up Time t 0nsRSURead Select to Strobe Hold Time t 0nsRHCHARACTERISTICSDD REF OUT ADAC8408AT/BT, T = –408C to +858C apply for DAC8408ET/FT/FP/FPC/FS; T = 08C to +708C apply for DAC8408GP, unless otherwise noted.A A

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