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DAC8408FPC from BB, 1350pcs , QFP,Quad 8-Bit Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter with Memory
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DAC8408FPC BB N/a 1350
DAC8408FPC from PMI, Analog Devices 68pcs , PLCC,Quad 8-Bit Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter with Memory
FEATURES A common 8-bit TTL/CMOS compatible input port is used toFour DACs in a 28 Pin, 0.6 Inch Wide DIP or 28-Pin JEDEC load data into any of the four DAC data-latches. Control linesPlastic Chip Carrier DS1, DS2, and A/B determine which DAC will accept data.61/4 LSB Endpoint Linearity Data loading is similar to that of a RAMs write cycle. Data canGuaranteed Monotonic be read back onto the same data bus with control line R/W. TheDACs Matched to Within 1% DAC8408 is bus compatible with most 8-bit microprocessors,Microprocessor Compatible including the 6800, 8080, 8085, and Z80. The DAC8408 oper-Read/Write Capability (with Memory) ates on a single +5 volt supply and dissipates less than 20 mW.TTL/CMOS Compatible The DAC8408 is manufactured using PMI’s highly stable,Four-Quadrant Multiplication thin-film resistors on an advanced oxide-isolated, silicon-gate,Single-Supply Operation (+5 V) CMOS process. PMI’s improved latch-up resistant design elimi-Low Power Consumption nates the need for external protective Schottky diodes.Latch-Up Resistant1Available In Die Form ORDERING INFORMATIONCHARACTERISTICS (@ V = +5 V; V = 610 V; V A, B, C, D = 0 V; T = –558C to +1258C apply forDD REF OUT ADAC8408AT/BT, T = –408C to +858C apply for DAC8408ET/FT/FP/FPC/FS; T = 08C to +708C apply for DAC8408GP, unless otherwise noted.A A
DAC8408FS AD,GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1Burn-in is available on commercial and industrial temperature range partsThe DAC8408 is a monolithic quad 8-bit multiplying digi ..

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