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DAC8218SRGZT from TI/BB, Texas Instruments 55pcs , QFN48,Octal, Low power ,14-bit, +/-16.5V Output Serial Input Digital-to-Analog Converter 48-VQFN -40 to 105
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FEATURES DESCRIPTION2345• Bipolar Output: ±2V to ±16.5VThe DAC8218 is a low-power, octal, 14-bitdigital-to-analog converter (DAC). With a 5V• Unipolar Output: 0V to +33Vreference, the output can either be a bipolar ±15V• 14-Bit Resolutionvoltage when operating from dual ±15.5V (or higher)• Low Power: 14.4mW/Ch (Bipolar Supply)power supplies, or a unipolar 0V to +30V voltage• Relative Accuracy: 1 LSB Max when operating from a +30.5V (or higher) powersupply. With a 5.5V reference, the output can either• Low Zero/Full-Scale Errorbe a bipolar ±16.5V voltage when operating from dual– Before User Calibration: ±2.5 LSB Max±17V (or higher) power supplies, or a unipolar 0V to– After User Calibration: ±1 LSB+33V voltage when operating from a +33.5V (orhigher) power supply. This DAC provides low-power• Flexible System Calibrationoperation, good linearity, and low glitch over the• Low Glitch: 4nV-sspecified temperature range of –40°C to +105°C. This• Settling Time: 15μsdevice is trimmed in manufacturing and has very lowzero-code and gain error. In addition, system level• Channel Monitor Outputcalibration can be performed to achieve ±1 LSB• Programmable Gain: x4/x6bipolar zero/full-scale error with bipolar supplies, or• Programmable Offset±1 LSB zero code/full-scale error with a unipolarsupply, over the entire signal chain. The output range• SPI™: Up to 50MHz, 1.8V/3V/5V Logiccan be offset by using the DAC offset register.• Schmitt Trigger InputsThe DAC8218

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