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DAC7731EB from TI/BB, Texas Instruments 25pcs , SSOP24,16-Bit/ Voltage Output/ Serial Input DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER
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DAC7731EB TI/BB N/a 25
DAC7731EB from BB, 332pcs , SSOP-24,16-Bit/ Voltage Output/ Serial Input DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER
DAC7731EB from TI, Texas Instruments 50pcs , SSOP24P,16-Bit/ Voltage Output/ Serial Input DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER
.PIN CONFIGURATION PIN DESCRIPTIONSPIN NAME DESCRIPTIONTop View SSOP1V Positive Analog Power SupplyCC2 REF Internal Reference OutputOUT3REF Reference InputIN4 REFADJ Internal Reference Trim. (Acts as a gain adjustmentinput when the internal reference is used.)5V Buffered Output from REF , can be used to driveREF INexternal devices. Internally, this pin directly drives theDAC's circuitry.V 1 24 VCC SS6R Offsetting ResistorOFFSET7 AGND Analog groundREF 2 23 REFENOUT8 RFB2 Feedback Resistor 2, used to configure DAC outputREF 3 22 RSTSELrange.IN9 RFB1 Feedback Resistor 1, used to configure DAC outputREFADJ 4 21 SCLKrange.10 SJ Summing Junction of the Output AmplifierV 5 20 CSREF11 V DAC Voltage OutputOUT12 V Digital Power SupplyR 6 19 SDO DDOFFSET13 DGND Digital GroundDAC7731AGND 7 18 SDI 14 TEST Reserved, Connect to DGND15 NC No ConnectionRFB2 8 17 LDAC16 RST V reset; active LOW, depending on the state ofOUTRSTSEL, the DAC register is either reset to mid-RFB1 9 16 RSTscale or min-scale.17 LDAC DAC register load control, rising dege triggered. DataSJ 10 15 NCis loaded from the input register to the DAC register.18 SDI Serial Data Input. Data is latched into the inputV 11 14 TESTOUTregister on the rising edge of SCLK.V 12 13 DGND19 SDO Serial Data Output, delayed 16 SCLK clock cycles.DD20 CS Chip Select, Active LOW21 SCLK Serial Clock Input22 RSTSEL Reset Select; determines the action of RST. If HIGH,RST will reset the DAC register to mid-scale. If LOW,RST will reset the DAC register to min-scale.23 REFEN Enables internal +10V reference (REF ), activeOUTLOW.NOTE: RST, LDAC, SDI, CS and SCK are Schmitt-triggered inputs.24 V Negative Analog Power SupplySSDAC77312SBAS249BMaximum Ratings maychanges could cause the device not to meet its publishedcause permanent damage to the device. Exposure to absolute maximumconditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. specifications.(1)PACKAGE/ORDERING INFORMATIONSPECIFIEDPACKAGE TEMPERATURE PACKAGE ORDERING TRANSPORT(2)PRODUCT PACKAGE-LEAD DESIGNATOR RANGE MARKING NUMBER MEDIA, QUANTITYDAC7731E SSOP-24 DB –40°C to +85°C DAC7731E DAC7731E Rails, 60"" " " " DAC7731E/1K Tape and Reel,1000DAC7731EB SSOP-24 DB –40°C to +85°C DAC7731EB DAC7731EB Rails, 60"" " " " DAC7731EB/1K Tape and Reel, 1000DAC7731EC SSOP-24 DB –40°C to +85°C DAC7731EC DAC7731EC Rails, 60"" " " " DAC7731EC/1K Tape and Reel, 1000NOTE: (1) For the most current package ordering information, see the Package Option Addendum at the end of this data sheet, or see the TI web site at (1)ABSOLUTE

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