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DAC7654YCT from TI/BB, Texas Instruments 25pcs , LQFP64P,16 Bit, Quad Voltage Output Digital to Analog Converter
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FEATURES DESCRIPTION Low Glitch: 1nV-s (typ)The DAC7654 is a 16-bit, quad voltage output,digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with 16-bit monotonic Low Power: 18mWperformance over the specified temperature range. It Unipolar or Bipolar Operationaccepts 24-bit serial input data, has double-buffered DAC Settling Time: 12µs to 0.003%input logic (allowing simultaneous update of all DACs), 16-Bit Linearity and Monotonicity: and provides a serial data output for daisy-chaining–40°C to +85°C multiple DACs. Programmable asynchronous reset clearsall registers to a mid-scale code of 8000h or to a zero-scale Programmable Reset to Mid-Scale orof 0000h. The DAC7654 can operate from a single +5VZero-Scalesupply or from +5V and –5V supplies. Double-Buffered Data InputsLow power and small size per DAC make the DAC7654 Internal Bandgap Voltage Referenceideal for automatic test equipment, DAC-per-pin Power-On Resetprogrammers, data acquisition systems, and closed-loopservo-control. The DAC7654 is available in an LQFP 3V to 5V Logic Interfacepackage and is specified for operation over the –40°C to+85°C temperature range.APPLICATIONSIO V V V VDD DD SS CC Process ControlDAC7654 Closed-Loop Servo-ControlV HAandBREF Motor ControlV LBandgap REFV LAandBREFVoltage Reference Data Acquisition Systems V HREF DAC-per-Pin ProgrammersV A Sense 2OUTSDIInput DAC V A Sense 1OUTDAC AShift Register A Register AV AOUTRegisterSDO OFSR1AOFSR2AV B Sense 2OUTInput DAC V B Sense 1OUTDAC BRegister B Register BV BOUTOFSR1BOFSR2BV C Sense 2OUTInput DAC V C Sense 1OUTCSDAC CRegister C Register CV COUTCLOCKOFSR1CRSTControlOFSR2CLogicRSTSEL V D Sense 2OUTInput DAC V D Sense 1OUTLDAC DAC DRegister D Register DV DOUTLOADOFSR1DOFSR2DV LC and DREFV H C and DREFAGND DGNDThis device has ESD-CDM sensitivity and special handling precautions must be taken.Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instrumentssemiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.!"# ! $% & '  & $  (' )  '& Copyright  2003 − 2005, Texas Instruments Incorporated'$%  &'$'&  * %& $ !+& "& %& &  ,-) ' '&& &  '&&- '  & $  %&)

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