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DAC7617E/1KG4 from TI/BB, Texas Instruments 41pcs , SSOP20 , Alternate PN:DAC7617E1KG4,Quad, Serial Input, 12-Bit, Voltage Output Digital-To-Analog Converter 20-SSOP -40 to 85
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DAC7617E/1KG4 TI/BB N/a 41
FEATURESAPPLICATIONSl LOW POWER: 3mWl PROCESS CONTROLl SETTLING TIME: 10μs to 0.012%l ATE PIN ELECTRONICSl 12-BIT LINEARITY AND MONOTONICITY:l CLOSED-LOOP SERVO-CONTROL–40°C to +85°Cl MOTOR CONTROLl DOUBLE-BUFFERED DATA INPUTSl DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMSl SO-16 or SSOP-20 PACKAGESl DAC-PER-PIN PROGRAMMERSl SINGLE-SUPPLY +3V OPERATIONfor simultaneous update of all DAC outputs. TheDESCRIPTIONdevice is powered from a single +3V supply.The DAC7617 is a quad, serial input, 12-bit, voltageLow power and small size makes the DAC7617 idealoutput Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) with guar-for automatic test equipment, DAC-per-pin program-anteed 12-bit monotonic performance over the –40°Cmers, data acquisition systems, and closed-loop servo-to +85°C temperature range. An asynchronous resetcontrol. The device is available in SO-16 andclears all registers to either mid-scale (800 ) or zero-HSSOP-20 packages and is guaranteed over thescale (000 ), selectable via the RESETSEL pin. TheH–40°C to +85°C temperature range.individual DAC inputs are double buffered to allowV VGND DD REFHInput DACDAC ARegister A Register AVOUTASDIInput DACDAC BRegister B Register BSerial-to- VOUTBParallel12ShiftRegisterInput DACDAC CRegister C Register CVOUTCCLKDACCSInput DACSelectDAC DRegister D Register DVOUTDV AGNDLOADREG RESETSEL RESET LDAC REFLCopyright 2001, Texas Instruments Incorporated SBAS185 Printed in U.S.A. February, 2001SPECIFICATIONSAt T = –40°C to +85°C, V = +3V, V = +1.25V, and V = 0V, unless otherwise noted.A DD REFH REFLDAC7617E, U DAC7617EB, UBPARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX MIN TYP MAX UNITSACCURACY(1) (2)Linearity Error ±2 ±1 LSB(3)Linearity Matching ±2 ±1 LSBDifferential Linearity Error ±1 ±1 LSBMonotonicity 12 [ BitsZero-Scale Error Code = 00A ±2.4 [ mVHZero-Scale Drift 510 [[ ppm/°C(3)Zero-Scale Matching ±1 ±2 [ ±1.2 mVFull-Scale Error Code = FFF ±2.4 [ mVH(3)Full-Scale Matching ±1 ±2 [ ±1.2 mVPower Supply Rejection 30 [ ppm/VANALOG OUTPUT(4)Voltage Output V V [[ VREFL REFHOutput Current –625 +625[[ μALoad Capacitance No Oscillation 100 [ pFShort-Circuit Current +8, –2 [ mAShort-Circuit Duration Indefinite [REFERENCE INPUTV Input Range 0 +1.25[[ VREFHV Input Range 0 [ VREFLDYNAMIC PERFORMANCESettling Time To ±0.012% 5 10 [[ μsChannel-to-Channel Crosstalk Full-Scale Step 0.1 [ LSBOn Any Other DACOutput Noise Voltage Bandwidth: 0Hz to 1MHz 65 [ nV/√HzDIGITAL INPUT/OUTPUTLogic Family CMOS [Logic LevelsV | I | ≤ 10μAV • 0.7 V [[ VIH IH DD DDV | I | ≤ 10μA –0.3 V • 0.3[[ VIL IL DD Data Format Straight Binary [POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTSV 3.0 3.3 3.6 [[ [ VDDI 0.8 1 [[ mADDPower Dissipation 2.4 3 [[ mWTEMPERATURE RANGESpecified Performance –40 +85[[ °C[ Specification same as DAC7617E, U.NOTES: (1) Specification applies at code 00A and above. (2) LSB means Least Significant Bit, with V equal to +1.25V and V equal to 0V, one LSBH REFH REFLis 0.305mV. (3) All DAC outputs will match within the specified error band. (4) Ideal output voltage does not take into account zero or full-scale error.DAC76172SBAS185(1)ABSOLUTE

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