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DAC7513E/2K5G4 from TI/BB, Texas Instruments 16pcs , MSOP-8 , Alternate PN:DAC7513E2K5G4,Low-Power Rail-To-Rail Output 12-Bit Serial Input DAC 8-VSSOP -40 to 105
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DAC7513E/2K5G4 TI/BB N/a 16
MARKING ARTWORKTop View SOT23-8 MSOP-8D13NPin 1IdentifierLotTrace CodePin 1Bottom ViewModel CodePin 1(4 Characters Max.)YMLLGRS00035 Option 1Lot Trace CodeGRS00035 Option 1PIN DESCRIPTIONSMSOP-8 SOT23-8 NAME DESCRIPTION14 V Power Supply Input, +2.7V to +5.5VDD23 V Reference Voltage InputREF32 V Feedback connection for the output amplifier.FB41 V Analog output voltage from DAC. The output amplifier has rail-to-rail operation.OUT5 8 SYNC Level triggered control input (active LOW), this is the frame sychronization signal for the input data. When SYNCgoes LOW, it enables the input shift register and data is transferred in on the falling edges of the following clocks.The DAC is updated following the 16th clock cycle unless SYNC is taken HIGH before this edge in which casethe rising edge of SYNC acts as an interrupt and the write sequence is ignored by the DAC7513.6 7 SCLK Serial Clock Input. Data can be transferred at rates up to 30MHz.76 D Serial Data Input. Data is clocked into the 16-bit input shift register on the falling edge of the serial clock input.IN8 5 GND Ground reference point for all circuitry on the part.DAC75133SBAS157A
DAC7513N/250 TI,Maximum Ratings maycause permanent damage to the device. Exposure to absolute maximumconditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.PA ..
DAC7513N/250 TI,TI,DAC7513DAC7513SBAS157A – OCTOBER 2000 – REVISED MARCH 2003Low-Power, Rail-to-Rail Output, 12-Bit Serial InputDIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTERDESCRIPTION

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