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DAC7513E/250 from TI  , Texas Instruments 11pcs , Alternate PN:DAC7513E250,Low-Power Rail-To-Rail Output 12-Bit Serial Input DAC
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DAC7513E/250 TI   N/a 11
FEATURESThe DAC7513 is a low-power, single, 12-bit buffered voltage* microPOWER OPERATION: 115µ A at 5Voutput Digital-to-Analog Connector (DAC). The on-chip preci-* POWER-ON RESET TO ZEROsion output amplifier allows rail-to-rail output swing to be* POWER SUPPLY: +2.7V to +5.5Vachieved. The DAC7513 uses a versatile 3-wire serial inter-* ENSURED MONOTONIC BY DESIGNface that operates at clock rates up to 30MHz and is compat-™ ™ ™ible with standard SPI , QSPI , Microwire , and DSP inter-* SETTLING TIME: 10µ s to 1LSBfaces.* LOW-POWER SERIAL INTERFACE WITHThe DAC7513 requires an external reference voltage to setSCHMITT-TRIGGERED INPUTSthe output range of the DAC, this allows the DAC7513 to be* ON-CHIP OUTPUT BUFFER AMPLIFIER,used in a multiplying mode. The DAC7513 incorporates aRAIL-TO-RAIL OPERATIONpower-on reset circuit which ensures that the DAC output* SYNC INTERRUPT FACILITYpowers up at 0V and remains there until a valid write takes* SOT23-8 AND MSOP-8 PACKAGES place to the device. The DAC7513 contains a power-downfeature, accessed over the serial interface, that reduces thecurrent consumption of the device to 200nA at 5V.APPLICATIONSThe low-power consumption of this part in normal operation* PROCESS CONTROL makes it ideally suited to portable battery-operated equip-ment. The power consumption is 0.5mW at 5V reducing to* DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMS1µ W in power-down mode.* CLOSED-LOOP SERVO-CONTROLThe DAC7513 is available in an SOT23-8 package and an* PC PERIPHERALSMSOP-8 package.* PORTABLE INSTRUMENTATIONSPI and QSPI are registered trademarks of Motorola.* PROGRAMMABLE ATTENUATION Microwire is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor.VDDVFBV Ref (+) VREFOUT12-Bit DAC12DAC Register12SYNCPower-Down ResistorShift RegisterCLKControl LogicNetworkDINGNDPlease be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications ofTexas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet..Copyright 2000, 2003 Texas Instruments IncorporatedProducts conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instrumentsstandard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily includetesting of all parameters.

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