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DAC712UB from BB, 5000pcs , UNKNOWN,16-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER With 16-Bit Bus Interface
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DAC712UB BB N/a 5000
DAC712UB from BB/TI, 15pcs , SOP28,16-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER With 16-Bit Bus Interface
DAC712UB from TI/BB, Texas Instruments 34pcs , SOP-28,16-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER With 16-Bit Bus Interface
DAC712UB from TI, Texas Instruments 308pcs , AA,16-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER With 16-Bit Bus Interface
FEATURES DESCRIPTION2• HIGH-SPEED, 16-BIT PARALLELThe DAC712 is a complete 16-bit resolutionDOUBLE-BUFFERED INTERFACEdigital-to-analog (D/A) converter with 16 bits ofmonotonicity over temperature.• VOLTAGE OUTPUT: ±10V• 13-, 14-, AND 15-BIT LINEARITY GRADESThe DAC712 has a precision +10Vtemperature-compensated voltage reference, ±10V• 16-BIT MONOTONIC OVER TEMPERATUREoutput amplifier, and 16-bit port bus interface.(L GRADE)The digital interface is fast, 60ns minimum write pulse• POWER DISSIPATION: 600mW maxwidth, double-buffered, and has a CLEAR function• GAIN AND OFFSET ADJUST:that resets the analog output to bipolar zero.Convenient for Auto-Cal D/A ConvertersGAIN and OFFSET adjustment inputs are arranged• 28-LEAD DIP AND SOIC PACKAGESso that they can be easily trimmed by external D/Aconverters as well as by potentiometers.The DAC712 is available in two linearity errorperformance grades: ±4LSB and ±2LSB, and threedifferential linearity grades: ±4LSB, ±2LSB, and±1LSB. The DAC712 is specified at power-supplyvoltages of ±12V and ±15V.The DAC712 is packaged in a 28-pin, 0.3" wideplastic DIP and in a 28-lead, wide-body plastic SOIC.The DAC712P, U, PB, and UB are specified over the–40°C to +85°C temperature range and theDAC712PK, UK, PL, and UL are specified over the0°C to +70°C range.DB0 DB15Input LatchA1A016WRCLRD/A Latch16Reference16-Bit D/A ConverterCircuitVOUTVGain Adjust REF OUT Bipolar Offset Adjust+10V1Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of TexasInstruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.2All trademarks are the property of their respective owners..Copyright 2000–2009, Texas Instruments IncorporatedProducts conform to specifications per the terms of the TexasInstruments standard warranty. Production processing does not.DAC712SBAS023A–SEPTEMBER 2000–REVISED JULY 2009 . This integrated circuit can be damaged by ESD. Texas Instruments recommends that all integrated circuits be handled withappropriate precautions. Failure to observe proper handling and installation procedures can cause damage.ESD damage can range from subtle performance degradation to complete device failure. Precision integrated circuits may be moresusceptible to damage because very small parametric changes could cause the device not to meet its published specifications.(1)PACKAGE/ORDERING INFORMATIONDIFFERENTIALLINEARITY ERROR MAX LINEARITY ERROR MAX PACKAGE- PACKAGE SPECIFIEDPRODUCT AT +25°C AT +25°C LEAD DESIGNATOR TEMPERATURE RANGEDAC712P ±4LSB ±4LSB PDIP-28 NT –40°C to +85°CDAC712U ±4LSB ±4LSB SOIC-28 DW –40°C to +85°CDAC712PB ±2LSB ±2LSB PDIP-28 NT –40°C to +85°CDAC712UB ±2LSB ±2LSB SOIC-28 DW –40°C to +85°CDAC712PK ±2LSB ±2LSB PDIP-28 NT 0°C to +70°CDAC712UK ±2LSB ±2LSB SOIC-28 DW 0°C to +70°CDAC712PL ±2LSB ±1LSB PDIP-28 NT 0°C to +70°CDAC712UL ±2LSB ±1LSB SOIC-28 DW 0°C to +70°C(1) For the most current package and ordering information see the Package Option Addendum at the end of this document, or see the TIweb site at . SBAS023A–SEPTEMBER 2000–REVISED JULY 200916-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTERwith 16-Bit Bus Interface1ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS: DAC712P, U, PB, UBAt T = +25°C, +V = +12V and +15V, and –V = –12V and –15V, unless otherwise noted.A CC CC(1)DAC712P, U DAC712PB, UBTESTPARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX MIN TYP MAX UNITINPUTRESOLUTIONResolution 16 BitsDIGITAL INPUTSInput Code Binary Twos Complement(2)Logic LevelsV +2.0 +V – 1.4 VIH CCV 0 +0.8 VILI (V = +2.7V) ±10 μAIH II (V = +0.4V) ±10 μAIL ITRANSFER CHARACTERISTICSACCURACYLinearity Error ±4 ±2 LSBT to T ±8 ±4 LSBMIN MAXDifferential Linearity Error ±4 ±2 LSBT to T ±8 ±4 LSBMIN MAXMonotonicity Over Temperature 13 14 Bits(3)Gain Error ±0.1 %T to T ±0.2 ±0.15 %MIN MAX(3) (4)Bipolar Zero Error ±0.1 % FSR±20 mVT to T ±0.2 ±0.15 % FSRMIN MAX±40 ±30 mV±0.003 % FSR/% VCCPower-Supply Sensitivity of Full-Scale±30 ppm FSR/% VCCDYNAMIC PERFORMANCE(5)Settling Time (to ±0.003%FSR, 5kΩ || 500pF Load)20V Output Step 6 10 μs(6)1LSB Output Step 4 μsOutput Slew Rate 10 V/μsTotal Harmonic Distortion + Noise0dB, 1001Hz, f = 100kHz 0.005 %S–20dB, 1001Hz, f = 100kHz 0.03 %S–60dB, 1001Hz, f = 100kHz 3.0 %SSINAD1001Hz, f = 100kHz 87 dBS(6)Digital Feedthrough 2 nV-s(6)Digital-to-Analog Glitch Impulse 15 nV-sOutput Noise Voltage (Includes Reference) 120 nV/√Hz(1) Shaded cells indicate same specification as the DAC712P, U grade.(2) Digital inputs are TTL- and +5V CMOS-compatible over the specified temperature range.(3) Errors externally adjustable to zero.(4) FSR means Full-Scale Range. For example, for a ±10V output, FSR = 20V.(5) Maximum represents the 3σ limit. Not 100% tested for this parameter.(6) For the worst-case code changes: FFFFh to 0000h and 0000h to FFFFh. These are binary twos complement (BTC) codes.Copyright 2000–2009, Texas Instruments Incorporated Submit Documentation Feedback 3Product Folder Link(s): DAC712DAC712SBAS023A–SEPTEMBER 2000–REVISED JULY 2009 .

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