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ATF22V10CZ-15PI from ATM, Atmel 1000pcs , DIP , Alternate PN:ATF22V10CZ15PI,Highperformance EE PLD
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ATF22V10CZ-15PI ATM N/a 1000
Features• Industry-standard Architecture 12 ns Maximum Pin-to-pin Delay Zero Power – 25 µA Maximum Standby Power (Input Transition Detection) CMOS and TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs Advanced Electrically-erasableTechnology– Reprogrammable– 100% Tested Latch Feature Holds Inputs to Previous Logic State High-reliability CMOS Process– 20 Year Data RetentionHigh- – 100 Erase/Write Cycles– 2,000V ESD Protectionperformance – 200 mA Latchup Immunity Commercial and Industrial Temperature RangesEE PLD Dual-in-line and Surface Mount Standard Pinouts PCI Compliant

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