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74V1G125CTR from ST, ST Microelectronics 6000pcs , SC70-5,SINGLE BUS BUFFER (3-STATE)
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74V1G125CTR ST N/a 6000
74V1G125SINGLE BUS BUFFER (3-STATE) ■ HIGH SPEED: t = 3.8ns (TYP.) at V = 5VPD CC■ LOW POWER DISSIPATION:I = 1μA (MAX.) at T =25°CCC A■ HIGH NOISE IMMUNITY:V = V = 28% V (MIN.)NIH NIL CC■ POWER DOWN PROTECTION ON INPUTSSOT23-5L SOT323-5L■ SYMMETRICAL OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:|I | = I = 8mA (MIN) at V = 4.5VOH OL CC■ BALANCED PROPAGATION DELAYS:t ≅ t ORDER CODES PLH PHL■ OPERATING VOLTAGE RANGE:PACKAGE T & R V (OPR) = 2V to 5.5VCCSOT23-5L 74V1G125STR■ IMPROVED LATCH-UP IMMUNITYSOT323-5L 74V1G125CTRDESCRIPTIONPower down protection is provided on all inputsThe 74V1G125 is an advanced high-speed CMOSSINGLE BUS BUFFER fabricated with sub-micron and 0 to 7V can be accepted on inputs with no2silicon gate and double-layer metal wiring C MOS regard to the supply voltage. This device can betechnology. used to interface 5V to 3V.3-STATE control input G has to be set HIGH toplace the output into the high impedance state.PIN CONNECTION AND IEC LOGIC SYMBOLSJuly 2001 1/1074V1G125INPUT EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT PIN DESCRIPTION PIN No SYMBOL NAME AND FUNCTION11G Output Enable Input2 1A Data Input4 1Y Data Output3 GND Ground (0V)V5 Positive Supply VoltageCCTRUTH TABLE AG YXHZLLLHL HX : Don’t CareZ : High Impedance

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