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74SSTUBF32866BBFG from IC-PHOENIX or within 1-2 days
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74SSTUBF32866BBFG from IDT, 1080pcs , SMD
Partno Mfg Dc Qty Available
74SSTUBF32866BBFG IDT N/a 1080
74SSTU32868BBKG IDT 431
74SSTUB32866BBFG IDT 800
74SSTUB32868AZRHR TI 10000
74SSTUB32868ZRHR TI 38685
74SSTUBF32866BBFG IDT 1080
74SSTUBF32868ABKG8 IDT 5200
74SSTUBF32869ABKG8 IDT 10000
74SSTUC32868ZRH TI 100
74SSTUN16859BNLG IDT 900

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