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2SD1990-P1 from Panasonic, 499pcs , Alternate PN:2SD1990P1
Partno Mfg Dc Qty Available
2SD1990-P1 Panasonic N/a 499
2SD1981-AE SANYO 4350
2SD1985 ON 100, Silicon NPN triple diffusion planar type(For power amplification)
2SD1990 Panasonic 86, Silicon NPN Triple-Diffused Planar Type
2SD1990-P Panasonic 1500
2SD1990-P1 Panasonic 499
2SD1991A-R PANASONIC 10100
2SD1991A-R(TA) PANASONIC 51290
2SD1992 PANASONIC 14100
2SD1992A PANASONIC 1893, Silicon NPN epitaxial planer type

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