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2SD1949T106Q from IC-PHOENIX or within 1-2 days
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2SD1949T106Q from ROHM, 1000pcs , SOT323+
Partno Mfg Dc Qty Available
2SD1949T106Q ROHM N/a 1000
2SD1944 ROHM 293, High-current gain Power Transistor (-60V, -3A)
2SD1947 TOS 88
2SD1949 ROHM 12700, High current.(IC=5A) Low saturation voltage, typically VCE(sat)=0.1V at IC / IB=150mA
2SD1949 T106R ROHM 3000
2SD1949T106Q ROHM 1000
2SD1950 NEC 54000, High dc current gain and good hFE. Low collector saturation voltage. High VEBO.
2SD1950-T1 NEC 1000,Silicon transistor
2SD1952 NEC 1000
2SD1952-T1 NEC 994

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