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10ETF06FP from IR, International Rectifier 1600pcs , TO-220,600V Fast Recovery Diode in a TO-220 FullPak package
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10ETF06FP IR N/a 1600
applications are both:output rectification and freewheeling ininverters, choppers and convertersand input rectifications where severerestrictions on conducted EMI should be met.Major Ratings and Characteristics Package OutlineCharacteristics 10ETF..FP UnitsI Sinusoidal waveform 10 AF(AV)V 200 to 600 VRRMI 150 AFSMV @ 10 A, T = 25°C 1.2 V F J t @ 1A, 100A/µs 50 nsrrTO-220AC FULLPAKT - 40 to 150 °CJ 110ETF..FP QUIETIR SeriesBulletin I2163 04/02Voltage RatingsV , maximum V , maximum non repetitive I RRM RSM RRMpeak reverse voltage peak reverse voltage 150°CPart NumberVV mA10ETF02FP 200 300 210ETF04FP 400 50010ETF06FP 600 700Absolute Maximum RatingsParameters 10ETF..FP Units ConditionsI Max. Average Forward Current 10 A @ T = 98° C, 180° conduction half sine waveF(AV) CI Max. Peak One Cycle Non-Repetitive 150 10ms Sine pulse, rated V appliedRRMFSM ASurge Current 160 10ms Sine pulse, no voltage reapplied2 2I t Max. I t for fusing 112.5 10ms Sine pulse, rated V applied 2 RRMA s160 10ms Sine pulse, no voltage reapplied2 2 2I √t Max. I √t for fusing 1600 A √s t = 0.1 to 10ms, no voltage reapplied

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