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IC-Phoenix.com IC List 5 Series 5962-3829417MYA 5962-5616818

5962-3829417MYA IDT LCC-32
5962-5616818 HAR CLCC
5962-7703402XA IR CN3
5962-7802001MEA AMD DIP
5962-7802002MEA AMD DIP
5962-7802003MEA AMD DIP
5962-7802004MEA AMD DIP
5962-8001204JA INTEL DIP
5962-8202508YA INTEL DIP
5962-8203601GA PMI DIP
5962-8404501CA TI  
5962-8405601CA TI  
5962-8406701RA INTEL DIP
5962-8406901RA INTEL DIP
5962-8407501EA TI  
5962-8409801CA TI CDIP
5962-8486802RA INTEL DIP
5962-8501001ZA-C INTEL CPGA68
5962-8501501XA HAR PDIP
5962-8501601YA INTEL DIP
5962-8501602YA HAR DIP
5962-8506401MQA INT/ DIP
5962-8510201YA INTEL DIP
5962-8512702XA AD DIP
5962-8513103EA AD DIP
5962-8513302QA INTEL DIP
5962-8513505YA INTEL CDIP-28
5962-85155052A TI CLCC
5962-8518203YA INTEL DIP
5962-8552301QA AMD DIP
5962-86053013A TI LCCC28
5962-8606101EA HARRIS 16/CDIP
5962-8606301JA INTEL DIP
5962-8606301XA ASI DIP
5962-8606302XA ASI DIP
5962-8606303XA ASI DIP
5962-8606304XA ASI DIP
5962-8606305XA ASI DIP
5962-8606305XAC ATMEL DIP
5962-8606306XA INTEL DIP
5962-8607101CA NS CDIP-14
5962-8607201EA NSC CDIP16
5962-8670301EA PHILIPS 16/CDIP
5962-8670401PA TI CDIP-8
5962-8670701RA AMD DIP-20
5962-8670901XA S DIP28P
5962-8671601EA HAR PDIP
5962-8672801EA AMD DIP-16
5962-8682001EA HARRIS CDIP-16
5962-8682101EA TI 16DIP
5962-8684702EA NSC DIP
5962-8685301CA HARRIS CDIP-14
5962-8686101PA SG CDIP-8
5962-8686401LA ALTERA DIP
5962-8687901EA HAR PDIP
5962-8688802CA TI CDIP-14
5962-8688901CA TI CDIP-14
5962-8751403XA XICOR DIP
5962-8751501LA WSI DIP
5962-8751801XA INTEL DIP
5962-8753101XA IDT DIP
5962-8753901LA CYP DIP
5962-8754081XA AMD DIP
5962-8754401RA AMD CDIP20
5962-8754802XA INTEL DIP
5962-8755501BA NS CDIP
5962-8757001QA INTEL DIP
5962-8757702RA INTEL DIP
5962-8759301QA INTEL DIP
5962-8760601GA NS CAN-8
5962-8760901CA TI CDIP14
5962-8761301DA NS NA-14
5962-8762201EA NSC DIP
5962-8764502EA TI DIP
5962-8764801XA ASI DIP
5962-8764802XA ASI DIP
5962-8764803XA ASI DIP
5962-8764803YA AMD CLCC32
5962-87648110XA CYPRESS DIP
5962-8765701GA MOT TO
5962-8766001PA INTERSIL PDIP8
5962-8766301RA NSC CDIP-20
5962-8766801MXA INTEL DIP
5962-8766801XA INTEL DIP
5962-8767401GA NS CAN-8
5962-8767501XA NS TO-3
5962-8768001EA HARRIS CDIP-16
5962-8768401MQA INTEL DIP
5962-8769001RA AMD DIP20P
5962-8771202XA XICOR CDIP28
5962-8772101CA HARRIS CDIP-14
5962-8772201CA HARRIS CDIP-14
5962-8773802GA ADI
5962-8773802PA ADI
5962-8773901CA NSC DIP
5962-8776001MRA TI DIP
5962-8776001RA NSC DIP
5962-8776001SSA NS CFP-20
5962-8850501RA AD CDIP-20
5962-8852501XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852501YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852502XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852502YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852503XA ATM DIP
5962-88525-03XA ATM DIP
5962-8852503XAC ATMEL DIP
5962-88525-03XAC ATM DIP
5962-8852503XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852503YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852504XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852504YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852505XA XICOR DIP
5962-8852505YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852506XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852506YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852506ZA ATMEL
5962-8852507XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852507YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852508XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852508YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852509XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852509YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852510XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852510YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852511XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852511YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852512XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852512YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852513XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852513YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852514XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852514YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852515XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8852515YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8852516YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8853801GA AD 8/CAN
5962-8855201XA-3DC IDT DIP
5962-8855202UA IDT DIP
5962-8855202XA IDT DIP
5962-8855204XA IDT DIP
5962-8855206YA IDT LCC-32
5962-8856501CA AD DIP
5962-8857601CA HARRIS CDIP-14
5962-8859301MPA ADI
5962-8863401XA XICOR 28DIP
5962-8863401XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8863401YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8863402XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8863402YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8863403XA XICOP DIP
5962-8863403XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8863403YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8863404XX ATMEL 28DIP
5962-8863404YX ATMEL 32LCC
5962-8866203YA IDT LCC-32
5962-8866206YA IDT LCC-32
5962-8866208NA NS CDIP
5962-8866302LX ADI
5962-8867001KA CYP 24/CFP
5962-88670023A CYPRESS DIP
5962-8868502PA TI DIP
5962-88697012A TI CLCC
5962-8869701VA TI
5962-8870201RA NSC DIP
5962-8870601RA NSC DIP
5962-8875201DA MOT CFP-14
5962-8876403XA AD DIP
5962-8877201CA HAR PDIP
5962-8950304CA HAR PDIP
5962-8951001DA TI CFP-14
5962-8953403MXA/MG80387 PGA68 DIP
5962-8954101CA PMI CDIP
5962-8954801PA INTERSIL PDIP8
5962-8956101EA NSC DIP
5962-8956804XA SDT DIP
5962-8959804MXA DIP-32
5962-8961401XA WSI DIP
5962-8961403QXA ASI DIP
5962-8961405QXA ASI DIP
5962-8961405XA WSI DIP
5962-8961406MXA WSI DIP
5962-8961406QXA ASI DIP
5962-8963601PA INTERSIL PDIP8
5962-8966801LA TI DIP-24
5962-8967702CA TI CDIP14
5962-8968501VA LINFINITY
5962-8974201RA TI
5962-8976501EA HARRIS CDIP-16
5962-8982401PA ADI
5962-8982503PA ADI
5962-8983804RA LATTICE DIP
5962-8983901RA LATTICE DIP
5962-8983902RA LATTICE DIP
5962-8983903LA LATTICE DIP
5962-8983903RA LATTICE DIP
5962-8983907RA LATTICE DIP
5962-8983914RA CY DIP
5962-8984002LA LATTICE DIP
5962-8984003LA LATTICE DIP
5962-8984101LA LATTICE DIP
5962-8984102LA LATTICE DIP
5962-8984103LA LATTICE DIP
5962-8984106LA CYPRESS SOP
5962-8984112LA CYP CDIP
5962-8984201GC HAR CAN
5962-8984301CA HARRIS CDIP-14
5962-8988002PA INTERSIL PDIP8
5962-8989701CA NS DIP
5962-8998202YA INTEL AUQFP
5962-9052701MXA AMD CDIP-28
5962-9063201MLA AD CDIP-24
5962-9073103MEA MAXIM DIP
5962-9073601HXA PEX TO-3
5962-9086802MXC ADI NA
5962-9086903MXA XICOR DIP
5962-908820302A TI CLCC
5962-9089901MAX INTEL DIP
5962-9089902MXA INTEL DIP
5962-9089904MAX INTEL DIP
5962-9151901MPA AD DIP
5962-91519O1MPA AD DIP
5962-9152101MXA ADI DIP
5962-9157601MMA INTEL DIP
5962-9163901QEA AMD DIP
5962-9169003MXA AD JCDIP-28
5962-9175204MXA ASI DIP
5962-9175205MXA ASI DIP
5962-9208001MPA LT NA
5962-92111701MPA AD CDIP8
5962-9214701M2A TI CLCC
5962-921701MRA NSC DIP
5962-9217601MRA NSC DIP
5962-9221403M2A IDT LCC-20
5962-9221403MRA IDT LLCC
5962-9221503MRA CYP CDIP-20
5962-9222101M3A IDT LCC-28
5962-9313101MPA AD CDIP-8

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